The Rise of Valiance

Tomb Raiders 2

In which Andy decides to be a dragon.

Awakening spontaneously, from a coma of indeterminate length, Vallo Izuzzen finds himself in the den of spiders. All he can remember is being sent out by his liege, Eril Hagar “The Horrible” into the tombs for some now-forgotten reason. He has been in stasis for decades. He stumbles out, and up the stairs where he meets Arkath Glognar and Sim. The three men form a cautious alliance, and decide to try their hand at an escape.

They sneak back up to the fourth level of The Tomb of Former Kings, the burial room of Tharen Vale, where they find a small group of goblins sleeping around a fire. Vallo Izuzzen telekenetically lifts Sim into the middle of the group, where he unleashes a burst of horrible magic, killing most of them instantly. Reinforcements arrive quickly, and are somewhat easily dispatched.

All this commotion has the unfortunate side-effect of drawing the attention of the goblin’s dragon, which begins its descent.

Our heroes, caught between a swarm of dragon-owning goblins and a creepy spider-room, opt to make an attempt at diplomacy. Descending to the spider room below, they make peace with the residents: a Lolth-worshipping Drow and his pet phase-spider. They agree to join forces in order to defeat the goblin hordes.

They take some time to prepare in the Drow’s domain, and in doing so learn that he was ordered to protect this room by his superiors, for some reason. He was strongly against allowing the party to pass further down.

After a brutal fight against the dragon and its swarm of Goblin cronies, our heroes are victorious. Ever practical, they quickly turn on their spidery-allies, and kill them.

A quick scan of the door shows a strange trap. Rather than risk it, our heroes decide to enjoy the freedom of a freshly dragonless tomb, and head up to the top floor to leave and gather up supplies.

Upon reaching the top floor, they are frustrated to find the door locked, and its assigned guard absent. Sounds of a struggle are heard on the other side, as well as some distant shouting in the Giant language, which both Arkath Glognar and Sim happened to speak. It sounds like there are orcs in the castle.

Our heroes insist that the orcs open the door. The orcs insist that our heroes open the door. It would appear that nobody on either side is going to have much luck opening the door.

So the group, unable to make it any further up, decide to go further down. They descend down through The Tomb of Former Kings to the seventh level: the tomb of Eril Hagar “The Horrible”. Within, they meet a large red dragon (apparently dragons are super into this tomb for some reason) who haggles with them for a while. His tomb has been regularly invaded by some minotaurs, and the group agrees to pay him a and fight the minotaurs together, rather than try to fight both.

They fight the minotaurs and do quite well for a while— until The Rat King shows up, and insists upon being given the treasures in Hagar’s tomb. The weakened dragon flees,



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