King James

The relatively new king of Valiance, determined to make a haven of decency in an otherwise awful world.


A Vision For a New World

James Vale was raised to be a good man. His father, Tharen Vale, had led the people in a revolution against the vicious warlord of Bogskin, Eril “The Horrible” Hagar. At the age of ten, the revolution was complete, King Eril Hagar was hanged, and Tharen Vale moved into the castle with his son and wives.

In less than ten years, Tharen Vale was worse than his predecessor. Using the continued loyalty of his fellow revolutionaries, he built an incredible army to expand his kingdom’s influence. Bogskin was more warlike than ever.

At the age of twenty, Prince James used his natural charisma to reclaim the hearts and minds of his people, and in a flash, overthrew his corrupt father, who quickly fell ill and died in prison.

In the fifteen years of his rule, James Vale has completely recreated his kingdom, renamed “Valiance,” as a haven for all peace-loving creatures in the world. His greatest hope is that Valiance will be able to spread its influence to the rest of the world through education, rather than war.

King James

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